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Love Tear Bottle


$29.99 each
cobalt glass - Reg $35
Cobalt Blue Joy Tear Bottle

This ancient-looking Tear Bottle is of cobalt glass, the basket is made of antiqued pewter filigree. Height: about 2 inches tall. Genuine Austrian Swarovski blue crystal stone in the cap. Also available with a pewter star of David over the crystal. Please choose one from the drop down menu below.

A tear bottle is a tradition of shared emotion and transformed relationships that has been around for three millennia. The tear bottle is given to honour and cherish another person. One of the first references to the tear bottle is present in Davids Psalm 56:8. During ancient Roman times mourners captured their tears and buried them with loved ones to show respect and affection. During Victorian times mourners would capture their tears in the bottle and once they evaporated bereavement would be over, but the bottle would remain as an eternal symbol of devotion. In modern times tear bottles are used to express several sentiments such as joy at a wedding, birthday, or anniversary. Also to express heartache upon the end of a relationship, news of illness, or loss of a loved one. This cherished and timeless tradition lives on with the same reverence as when it first began making this a truly special item.

Judaica Bed, Bath and Beyond --> Tear Bottle

Joy Gold Tear Bottle

Silver Band Star of David Tear Bottle

Pocket Hard Cover Tehillim

Oil from Israel - Rose of Sharon

Frankincense and Myrrh Anointing Oil

"Myrrh Frankincense and cinnamon"

Collection of Ceramic Floral Hamsa

Home Blessing Hebrew

Authentic Red Bendel Bracelet

Pewter English Blessing for Baby Girl

Pewter Blessing for a Baby Girl

Pewter Blessing for a Baby Girl

Pewter English Blessing for Baby Boy

Pewter Blessing for a Baby Boy

Pewter Blessing for a Baby Boy

Ellis Island -- Eva Doll - Porcelain

Ellis Island - Leah Lili Doll

Ellis Island - Perla Doll - Porcelain

Stained glass Chai Sun-Catcher in Blue

Stained glass Star Suncatcher in Blue & Clear

stained glass Shalom Sun catcher in Aqua

Stained glass - Hand crafted Butterfly

Sttained glass  Star of David Sun Catcher

Menorah Sun-Catcher in Blue

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